I’m going to Disney World!

Yeah…no. Not our thing. Hanging out with these cute little guys? Now we’re talkin’. We love far-flung travel & complex, challenging trips. Let’s save that Disney trip for another time.

Antarctica Cruise Adventure

Get out of your comfort zone. Somebody’s got to do it!

We’ll get you there. When Kayak is hopeless & little ol’ Betty (the local travel agent) doesn’t even know where there is, we do.

Hikes, Trekking, Backpacking

Business Travel Across the Globe?

Demanding, complicated travel schedules & no private jet in your future? We can put it together & we’ll be there when plans change. They always change. If you need a little extra comfort without paying full business class fares, we’ve got you covered.

Big Ben

‘Round the World? First Stop Sydney!  

If you’re student in need of adventure, or a 30-something attorney that’s had enough of of the 100-hour weekly grind, we know RTW Travel. We’ll help you mix it up & be with you every step of the way.

South Pacific Flights, Tours & Adventures

What Clients Are Saying

Very excellent service, very helpful and best prices anywhere!

– Ivan L., Texas, United States

Very dedicated in helping me with my request and made several follow ups to make sure I got exactly what I asked for (and at a lower price)!  All of this on a weekend.

– Thuong W., Kansas, United States

Amazing! I searched the internet for days trying to set up a complicated itinerary to Europe, and communicated with three travel agents. I found trying to do this alone to be impossible. And of the travel agents, Pangaea Travel was the only one who put in the time necessary to really research this out to find me the best flight legs. They really got into it late one night, I could tell they enjoy the challenge. Plus simply a delight to work with, sent very nice emails and was fun to speak with on the phone. Did I mention also quick to respond? I give Pangaea Travel my highest recommendation.

– Tom M., Washington, United States

Brad at Pangaea Travel knows a lot not just about travel, but also about the socioeconomic conditions of my travel destination. He has personal relationships with several of the regional airline executives and was willing to leverage those relationships to help my group book our ideal travel plans.

– Briana P., KWEST-Kellogg School of Management-Northwestern Univ., Illinois, US

Pangaea Travel has been incredibly helpful.  They respond VERY quickly to all of my questions. Brad is the first travel agent I have ever used and he made sure to really spell things out for me to eliminate any confusion. I will use him again for the next two trips I make to Ethiopia in the very near future!

– Tess O., Indiana, United States